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Are you planning to buy an imported car to look cool and more importantly that suits you in every aspect? Then surely you must be looking for a secure and legal way to get that, especially to avail import car insurance quotes in the UK. Primarily, in the UK, insuring your car is necessary if you want to drive it. furthermore, you should at least have a third-party policy to fulfill the legal requirement.

Eventually, now more and more people are investing in buying imported cars for advanced features and models that cannot be found by local automobile companies. More importantly, imported vehicles are way cheaper than the UK. Furthermore, more people find investing in imported cars and then paying VAT in the UK is much more affordable than shopping from local dealers.

Here in this blog before getting into imported car insurance, first simplify you with a general concept of what car insurance is.

What Is Car Insurance

A coverage policy is offered by the insurance agency to protect you from financial loss due to a car accident or theft. A driver is not automatically covered when they use another person’s vehicle because most auto insurance only covers the vehicle itself. There is the possibility that insurance provides for the vehicle of the third party but not yours, hence it depends on the type of coverage policy you choose. Further, you need to get a list of policies to compare import car insurance for the assurance of complete protection.

Following are the three categories of car insurance to choose from and compare import car insurance policies from different companies.

Fully Comprehensive

The fully comprehensive policy is great for providing complete protection against loss that occurs as a result of accident or theft. It also delivers coverage for your car even when you are at fault. Furthermore, in some policies, you may get coverage as a driver even if you are driving someone else’s vehicle. So almost everyone wants this type of insurance especially if you have an imported car, which can double your risk.


This type of insurance delivers the least minimum coverage than the other two still the most expensive. Moreover, the other disadvantage is that you don’t get any type of coverage even if it’s not your fault. It only applies to the third party, covering the loss for the other people who get injured or face financial loss as a result of an accident in which you or your are at fault.

Third-Party Fire & Theft

As the name suggests, this policy includes all third-party coverages. Further, insure your car in case of being stolen or caught by fire. Thus, it delivers partial coverage to your car while full coverage third party.

Grey Import

Grey import refers to those cars that come into the country through unofficial channels and dealers. Mostly these include second-hand cars imported from countries such as the UK, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. Besides these, you cannot have aftersales support or do not have the benefit of getting a guarantee from the manufacturer unless a third-party warranty. Compare import car insurance policies for different types of imported automobiles for safety.

Feasible To Import In Newzealand

There are no restrictions on the level of experience required to import gray cars into New Zealand. It is also not necessary for importers to confirm the legitimacy of the cars they bring in. This implies that there’s a chance these cars could be offered for sale as “new” even if they were previously registered and utilized before being exported from their home nation. Even cars that have been stolen, crashed, or otherwise damaged in the past have been restored and brought into New Zealand as “new” cars, according to NZ Herald reports. Consumer Protection New Zealand’s website provides excellent information regarding parallel imports for those interested in learning more.

Parallel Imports

Considering that these are cars made in the EU, insurance for them is less complicated. They are more easily incorporated into insurance packages by insurance providers, and they adhere to the same basic requirements as cars in the United Kingdom.

Automobiles sold in other nations that are parallel imported are shipped directly from the nation where their brand originated. Dealers and alternate sellers of different car brands are called parallel importers, or PIs for short. Parallel importers frequently have access to a large variety of brands and models.

What Does Parallel Importer Do?

A parallel importer purchases the identical model from outside, sometimes even with different nameplates and equipment levels, and then resells it in this country at generally higher costs.

Parallel imports are likely to order from the factory through an intermediary like a Japanese auto dealer, or even to take unsold inventory from those dealers since a corporation like Toyota will not undercut its official partner.

The parallel importer can obtain type approval from the Singaporean authorities to sell the automobile here in the same manner as the authorized agents if the model is being imported in bulk. If not, however, each car will need to be inspected before it can be registered here, potentially delaying the delivery schedule.

Does The Insurance Of Imported Car Cost You?

Imported automobile insurance coverage is typically more expensive than those for domestically produced vehicles. Import car insurance is more expensive for the following few reasons:

Costs Of Spare Parts: Imported cars are more expensive to fix since parts for them are harder to come by and more expensive.

Production Requirements: UK-made automobiles are produced to specifications that are sometimes lower than those of imported ones. There is an increased chance of collision with increased performance and speed.

Manufacturing: ​​Variations in automobile construction affect insurance prices. A left-hand drive imported car, for instance, is not built to the same standards as the UK equivalent.

Save Money On Imported Car Insurance: Aiming for a lower premium means making a wise choice when it comes to your brand. No matter how you buy them, some cars, particularly sporty ones, will always have higher premiums.

Wrapping Up The Blog

Since it is obvious that imported car has their own value which is more than that of local ones, everyone is looking to invest in imported cars. It’s a legal requirement to get insurance for these vehicles. Thus, you have to look for trusted sites to get the right import car insurance quotes just made according to your needs. This will eventually give you the benefit of saving the cost of the insurance of your imported cars.

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