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Motor Fleet Insurance
Motor Fleet Insurance

What is covered by motor fleet insurance?

The purpose of fleet insurance is to provide comprehensive protection for two or more of your business’s cars under a single policy. Motor fleet insurance combines all your cars into one policy if you need coverage for many vans. By choosing a single insurance, all of your vehicles will have the same levels of coverage and a shared renewal date. By doing this, the complexity of handling various levels of protection and separate renewal dates is removed.

Fleet insurance provides ease and perhaps even financial savings. Typically, it can be more expensive to keep separate coverage for each car. However, you may be able to save money by covering all of your vehicles under a single policy. You have the option to register your vehicles under a variety of names, including the name of the company, a partner, or a director of the business.

What coverage falls under motor fleet insurance?

Depending on the insurance level selected, fleet insurance can cover both your vehicles’ drivers and their personal property in the event of an accident or vehicle theft. Additionally, if one of your vehicles is involved in an accident for which your driver is found to be at fault, it can cover the costs related to damages to other vehicles. We specialize in providing flexible coverage choices that are adapted to your company’s needs. You have the freedom to add or remove vehicles as necessary, even allowing several vehicle types to be covered by one policy.

Motor Fleet Insurance

The policy add-ons you choose can include:
having an impact on the extent of your fleet's coverage

Protection for employer liability & Cover tools

Vehicle covering &
Public responsibility

Courtesy car length & Untouchable no-claims bonus

Goods-in-transit insurance & Dismantling cover

What techniques can I use to reduce the costs of fleet insurance quotes?

Several important criteria, such as the following, have an impact on how much you pay for fleet insurance:

Fleet Size

Your insurance rates are strongly impacted by the number of cars in your fleet. Higher premiums are frequently the result of larger fleets' increased risk exposure.

Vehicle Types

Your insurance premiums may vary depending on the particular vehicle types in your fleet, such as cars, trucks, or specialty vehicles. In general, premiums are greater for more expensive or high-performance automobiles.

Driver Age

It's important to consider the drivers' ages. Compared to older, more seasoned drivers, younger, less experienced drivers frequently have higher insurance costs.

Class of Use

An important consideration is how your cars are used. For instance, the insurance implications of business use, delivery services, and private transportation vary.

Claims History

Your fleet's prior claims history is crucial. Higher premiums can result from a history of accidents or numerous claims, but lower costs can come from a clean claims history.

Type of Coverage

Your choice of level and type of coverage will directly affect prices. Comprehensive insurance will typically cost more than basic insurance because it offers more protections.

Security measures for vehicles

Installing alarms, GPS tracking, and safe parking areas can help lessen the chance of theft and insurance expenses.

Your rates may also be impacted by the excess you’re willing to pay in the case of a claim. Although a bigger excess often results in lower premiums, it may necessitate greater out-of-pocket costs in the event of a claim. Consider carefully assessing and modifying these aspects to fit your business needs while keeping expenditures in check in order to significantly lower your fleet insurance expenses.

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