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Gap Insurance

What is Meant By Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance, also known as Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance, is an optional auto insurance. This type of car insurance is specifically designed for people who lease a car. If your car is stolen or totaled, gap insurance covers the gap between the car's actual value and the amount you owe for leasing the car.

What is Covered By Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance only covers the amount when the car is damaged, stolen, or totaled, and you owe more loan than the car's actual value. Gap insurance does not cover any costs for an accident, vehicle repairs, vehicle rent, and damage to other people's properties.

Why is Gap Insurance Required?

Gap insurance is required when you lease a car. When a car is leased, the lender owns the car until you pay the final payment. If your car gets stolen or totaled before you have made the final payment, then the lender can lose the money. Lenders avoid this risk by asking the buyers to get coverage. .

What Does Gap Insurance Offer?

Gap insurance offers: Peace of mind, Protection against any financial loss, Affordability, Flexibility.

Types of Gap Insurance Quotes

There are different gap insurance quotes with different plans. You can compare these gap insurance quotes at MoneyMegaMarket to decide the most suitable one according to your needs. Here is a list of different types of gap insurance quotes available: 

  • Gap Insurance on Used Car
  • Vehicle Shortfall Insurance
  • Van Gap Insurance
  • New Car Gap Insurance
  • Finance Gap Insurance
"Used Car Shortfall Coverage"

Who Needs Gap Insurance?

People who loan or lease a car should consider getting gap insurance. It can save you from a significant financial loss. Gap insurance is also a good idea for those who:
  • Buy a car with a 20% down payment. 
  • Buy a car whose value is expected to decrease over time, such as some luxury cars. 
  • Intend on driving the car extensively that can accelerate the car’s depreciation. 
  • Consider including the remaining balance of the previous car loan in the new car loan. 
  • Plan to opt for a financing period of more than 60 months for their new car. 

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While
Comparing Gap Insurance Quotes

People tend to commit the same errors while comparing gap insurance quotes. Following are the four common mistakes that one should avoid while comparing gap insurance. 

Keeping your focus only on the price of the policy.

Failure to provide relevant information.

Not assessing the insurer's company.

Overlooking the reputation and financial stability of the insurer.

You can get a better deal for gap insurance if you keep in mind to avoid these common mistakes.

3 Ways to Reduce the
Cost of Gap Insurance

Most people need to take advantage of the opportunity of cutting costs while comparing the gap insurance quotes.
You can reduce the cost of gap insurance in three ways. 

Choose to pay more money upfront, which can make your monthly insurance payments lower.

Try to maintain a good driving history by consistently following the traffic rules and avoiding accidents. This can lead to lower insurance premiums.

Keep an eye on the deals and discounts offered by the insurance providers. This can help you reduce your insurance cost.

Process of Renewing Gap Insurance

The following 3 step process can help you get a renewal for your gap insurance:

  • Contact your insurance provider and learn all about the renewal process from them. 
  • Review the policy’s terms and conditions to confirm whether coverage is necessary for your needs.
  • Provide the necessary information or documentation to the insurance provider. This information can include the updated vehicle information and the payment details.

Process of Canceling Gap Insurance

Follow these steps to cancel your gap insurance:

  • Contact the insurance provider and request the cancellation of gap insurance from them. 
  • Ask them if there are any fees for canceling the insurance policy. 
  • Provide necessary information or documentation to the insurance provider. This information can include updated vehicle information or proof of new insurance coverage. 

Gap Insurance Cost in the United Kingdom

The cost of gap insurance depends on the following factors:

  • Cost of the vehicle.
  • Duration of loan or lease.
  • Amount of coverage required. 
  • Driving record. 
  • Age and location. 

Compare Gap Insurance with MoneyMoneyMegaMarket

Comparing gap insurance is similar to comparing insurance quotes for other insurance plans. MoneyMegaMarket makes it easier to compare gap insurance quotes. Follow these simple steps to get the gap insurance quote:

  • Gather all the information you need about gap insurance. 
  • Provide all the necessary information related to the owner and vehicle to the insurance providers.
  • Explore gap insurance quotes from different providers, and choose the best insurance plan. 
  • Review the gap insurance plan and the provider, and get the necessary insurance. 
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Gap insurance is particularly beneficial for people who have a new vehicle, have a high loan amount compared to the vehicle’s value, or have a loan with a longer term. It is also recommended for people who have a high down payment or trade-in and those who are more likely to experience a total loss, such as people who drive in areas with a higher risk of accidents.

Yes, gap insurance can be added to an existing auto insurance policy. Most insurance companies offer gap insurance as an optional coverage that can be added to a regular auto insurance policy.

The time frame for gap insurance coverage varies by policy, but it typically lasts until the vehicle’s loan or lease is paid off. Some policies may have a coverage limit, such as a maximum of 24 to 36 months.

Yes, gap insurance covers negative equity, which is when a vehicle is worth less than what is owed on the loan or lease.

Gap insurance typically covers total losses or theft of the vehicle, but not partial losses such as collisions or weather damage. Check with your insurance provider for specific details on the type of losses covered by your gap insurance policy.

Some gap insurance policies may have a deductible, but it varies by insurance provider and policy. Check with your insurance provider for the specific details of your gap insurance policy.