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Finding auto insurance can seem like an overwhelming task for drivers with criminal records. Not all insurance companies will accept drivers with convictions. Nevertheless, we have assisted drivers with convictions in finding insurers willing to take them on, thanks to our years of insurance experience. 

What does a driver with a conviction mean?

A person whose driving record has been affected by a motoring offense is considered convicted. These offenses can include anything from reckless driving that puts your own and other people’s safety in danger to using a phone or map while driving and becoming distracted.

Does a driver’s record impact car insurance?

A driver with a history of moving infractions will be deemed by insurers to be at higher risk than one who has never broken the law. Although they do exist, it can be challenging to find an insurer willing to cover drivers with a criminal record. Because of these high-risk factors, convicted drivers insurance quotes will be substantially more expensive than market rates.

How can I locate the best deal on auto insurance for drivers with convictions?

Finding inexpensive, convicted drivers insurance quotes is difficult, but it is still possible to find some decent offers. You can try to minimize the expense by taking certain actions. The following steps are described:

Pick your car wisely

An expensive and powerful car will cost more to operate and insure. Choosing the right car is a crucial step in lowering the cost of your insurance since the cost of insurance for a driver with a criminal record will be higher than usual. You may save a significant amount of money on insurance and maintenance by selecting or trading down to a vehicle from a lower insurance group.

Make an annual insurance payment

You have the option of paying for your auto insurance monthly via direct debit or once a year with an upfront payment. Paying by direct debit is more convenient over a 12-month period, but the like-for-like payment is more costly than the one-time payment. You are borrowing money from the insurance company for a year when you pay in installments. The total amount paid will go up because interest will be charged on the amount borrowed. 

Make a larger optional excess payment

It is worthwhile to consider paying a higher excess even if the insurance company does not insist on it. Recall that regardless of who is at fault, you will be required to pay the excess on any subsequent insurance claim if you do this, so make sure it is an amount you can afford. 

Protect your car

The cost of auto insurance is typically higher for drivers who reside in places with high rates of theft and vandalism. You can significantly lower your insurance costs by installing more alarm systems and/or off-road storage (like parking your car on your driveway or in a garage).

No-claim bonus

 Your premium for auto insurance will go down if you accrue a no-claims bonus. This can frequently be transferred to a new policy if you choose to change providers. 


 Your residence will also impact your auto insurance cost; if you reside in a high-crime area, your premium will be higher. 

Parking situation

It also matters where you park your car during the day or night. If you can park your car in a private lot or garage as opposed to a public one, your insurance premiums will be lower.


According to studies, it has been noticed that women are statistically safer drivers than men, but since 2012, it has been unlawful for insurance companies to charge women less for auto insurance. Insurers may still choose to base rates on a policyholder’s marital status, considering married or cohabiting individuals to be less risky than single individuals.


 Insurance rates typically decrease with age, depending on your driving style. Young drivers pay more because they are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident and because they lack driving experience.

  • Usage of the Telematics Cover

Telematics, sometimes referred to as “black box insurance,” is a kind of auto insurance that is determined by your driving habits. An insurance company will expertly install a GPS unit in your vehicle with your consent. This device will send real-time driving data, including speed, distance driven, and braking patterns. After that, your insurer will use this data to determine how much to charge for your policy. Telematics use can lower your insurance costs if you drive safely and sensibly. Additionally, many insurers provide discounts if you establish a solid credit history.

  • Set a mileage limit

The likelihood of an accident increases with the amount of time spent driving. Your insurance cost will be somewhat decreased if you drive less, and you can demonstrate this by lowering your mileage.

Why compare car insurance with us?

You can acquire and compare convicted drivers insurance quotes from a reliable source with us:  

Save cash:

You may be able to reduce your yearly premium by up to £319 by comparing car insurance quotes with us. 

Customized quotes in a matter of minutes:

With our comparison tool, you can obtain a customized auto insurance quote in a matter of minutes. 

Confidently compare quotes:

By the time you choose your provider, you will be fully confident that you are making the right choice because our guides provide you with all the information you need to compare car insurance. 

Considerations for comparing quotes for auto insurance include:

It is crucial to consider the following points whenever you compare convicted drivers insurance quotes with us: 

Coverage level: 

This will specify what, and occasionally how much, you can claim. Typically, you will have to choose between comprehensive, fire and theft, third-party, and third party auto insurance. The bare minimum required by law is a third party, but comprehensive protection will give you the highest level of protection.

Cost per month or year: 

It is referred to as your premium. The annual premium is computed. If you choose to pay on a monthly basis, the cost will typically be higher than if you pay all at once. 

Total surplus: 

This is the sum that you must pay for each claim. Although adding a voluntary excess can also reduce your premium, there will be a mandatory excess.

Personal liability insurance: 

In the event that you are hurt in an accident or pass away, this offers you or your family financial support up to a specific amount. Personal accident coverage is frequently excluded from third-party policies, as is third-party fire, theft, and liability coverage.

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