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  • Compare salon insurance quotes from top providers within minutes
  • Quotes show the accurate estimate of  a customer’s rates
  • Complete disclosure of information
  • Provides your salon with comprehensive coverage


  • Not directly connects with an insurance company but with an insurance broker

Covers to Consider When You Compare Salon Insurance Quotes

1. Public Liability Insurance

Protect your beauty salon from claims by third parties for injuries or property damage during business operations. This essential cover includes legal fees and compensation costs, crucial for salons with high public interaction.

2. Employers’ Liability Insurance

Mandatory for salon owners with staff, this insurance safeguards against employee claims for work-related injuries or illnesses. It covers compensation, legal fees, and other costs, ensuring legal obligations to employees are met.

3. Personal Accident Cover

Added to your policy, this cover aids salon owners financially in case of accidents, providing lump sum payments or ongoing support for medical treatment and living expenses during recovery.

4. Property Covers

Shield your salon’s physical assets, including the building, furniture, equipment, and inventory, against damage or loss from events like fires or theft. Property insurance assists in repair or replacement costs, vital for maintaining business continuity.

5. Business Interruption Cover

Complementary to property insurance, this cover protects against profit loss following premises damage, ensuring fixed expenses and lost profits are covered during the recovery period.

6. Treatment Covers

Incorporate comprehensive insurance covering various beauty treatments. This ensures financial protection for both your salon and clients in case of adverse reactions or accidents during treatments.

7. Commercial Legal Protection

An inclusion in your salon insurance, this protects against employment disputes, compensation awards, and provides financial support for tax, VAT disputes, and jury service summons.

What Level of Cover Do I Need

Choosing the right salon insurance is crucial for protecting your business. A good policy should include coverage for potential losses or damages. Public liability insurance is common, safeguarding against injury or property damage claims from the public in your salon. If you have employees, ensure your policy includes employer’s liability insurance for claims from staff while working. Product liability insurance covers claims from customers harmed by salon products. You can also get coverage for your salon’s building, contents, and business equipment. Finding the right mix ensures comprehensive protection for your salon.

Cheap Salon Insurance Quotes from UK Salon Insurance Providers

Explore affordable salon insurance quotes from reputable UK providers to secure comprehensive coverage without breaking the bank. We simplify the process, allowing you to compare salon insurance quotes and find the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs. From public liability coverage to protection for your salon’s assets, we’ve got you covered. Don’t compromise on quality – get the best salon insurance at an affordable price. Trustworthy insurers, transparent pricing, and peace of mind for your thriving beauty business await.

Who Requires Salon Insurance?

If you own a salon or work as a beauty professional, including roles like barbers, beauticians, hairdressers, makeup artists, masseurs, nail technicians, physiotherapists, piercing/tattoo studios, sports therapists, and tanning salons, salon insurance is essential.

What Type of Coverage Do I Need?

Salon insurance is crucial for covering legal expenses arising from property damage or customer/public injuries. It safeguards against common risks like fire, theft, storm, and flood. Additionally, you can ensure full protection by including coverage for all your tools and equipment under the salon insurance policy, providing complete peace of mind.

Tips to Compare Salon Insurance Quotes Effectively

1. Assess your Needs Effectively

Understand your salon’s specific needs before comparing salon insurance quotes. Evaluate the scale of your operations, potential risks, and coverage requirements. Knowing your business intimately allows you to pinpoint the exact insurance features necessary for robust protection.

2. Research About Providers

Ensure effective comparison of salon insurance quotes by thoroughly researching providers. Explore their reputation, customer reviews, and claims processing efficiency. Assess each provider’s experience in the beauty industry to make an informed decision that aligns with your salon’s unique requirements.

3. Compare Quotes from Top Providers

When you compare salon insurance quotes, ensure you evaluate offerings from reputable providers. Examine coverage specifics, premiums, and any additional features. Comparing quotes from top providers allows you to select the top rated quotes that suit you perfectly.

How much does salon insurance cost?
Salon insurance costs differ based on different factors including your salon type, offered treatments, and business size. Typically, larger businesses face higher premiums due to increased risk of accidents or injuries. The specific features and scale of your salon influence the overall insurance expenses.

MoneyMegaMarket’s Unique Approach to Quote Comparison

MoneyMegaMarket stands out by offering a personalized and user-friendly experience. We go beyond conventional comparisons, providing tailored quotes that fit your specific needs. We prioritize transparency, ensuring you get comprehensive insights into coverage options. With a commitment to simplicity and efficiency, MoneyMegaMarket empowers users to make informed decisions, making the insurance comparison process seamless and effective.


1. Why do I need salon insurance?

If you own a salon or work in the beauty industry, salon insurance is essential to protect your business from various risks, including public liability claims, employee-related issues, property damage, and more.

2. What coverage level do I need for my salon?

Your salon insurance should include public liability, employers’ liability if you have staff, personal accident cover, property covers (building, contents, and equipment), business interruption cover, treatment covers, and commercial legal protection.

3. How do I effectively compare salon insurance quotes?

To compare salon insurance quotes effectively, assess your specific needs, research providers, and compare quotes from top-rated providers. Understand your business requirements to choose comprehensive coverage.

4. If I were to work away from my salon, will I still be covered?

Yes, most salon insurers would cover you if you were to carry out mobile work. This is of course something you should check however by reading through your policy documents, or by directly contacting your insurer via telephone or via email

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