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“Third-party only” coverage for catering van insurance is a legal requirement for driving a catering van in the UK. Apart from it, having the right catering van insurance quotes can protect you against a number of risks that could happen. Comparing catering van insurance quotes effectively is a crucial part because everyone has different and specific needs according to catering van usage and other features so, one must make an informed decision in order to get the most suitable catering van insurance quotes according to their needs.

Coverage of Catering Van Insurance Quotes

Compare catering van insurance quotes in order to get comprehensive coverage of catering van insurance quotes. You can add insurance coverage options that suit your needs and business. Some common coverage options for catering van insurance are as under:

1. Public Liability Coverage
This type of coverage will protect against any injury or damage caused by mobile caterers.

2. Stock Insurance for Catering Vans
When your catering material or ingredients get any damage this type of catering insurance coverage will help you.

3. Employer’s Liability Insurance
This type of catering van insurance coverage will help you in case of any injury, illness or damage while your worker is working at your mobile van.

4. Legal Expenses Insurance
This option will be beneficial for you in case of any expenses that have to be paid for legal concerns related to your catering van.

5. Personal Accident Insurance
Personal accident insurance will cover the injury or death of anyone you’ve chosen to cover in your policy, no matter if it happens while working at catering van insurance or anywhere else. It will cover lost income, hospital bills, or other medical costs associated with the accident.

Compare Catering Van Insurance Quotes- Get Cheap Quotes

Compare catering van insurance quotes with MoneyMegaMarket to get the cheapest and most suitable quotes for your mobile van. We will allow you to compare catering van insurance quotes from thousands of vendors. To get cheap quotes follow the following tips:

1. Shop Around to Compare
Obtain quotes from thousands of different vendors to get a variety of available insurance policies and skip the extra options that do not suit your specific usage.

2. Look for Bundle Policies
In order to get potential quotes at a suitable price instead of getting each coverage solely look for a bundle that has all of the coverage that you need it will be more cost effective.

3. Safe Driving Record
Try to make your driving record clear because a bad driving record can increase the cost of quotes.

4. Claim Discounts
Try to keep an eye on every possible discount that you can get and read and compare policies carefully to secure maximum.

5. Pay Annually 
Try to choose annual payment instead of monthly installment as it will charge you more.

What Type of Insurance Do I Need For My Van?

There are three basic levels of van insurance and you can choose the one that suits your specific needs and budget.

This is a minimum level of insurance. Because this is the legal requirement for driving a catering van on the roads of the UK. It will protect you against any kind of damage that is caused by you to other people, any vehicle, or property, but it will only cover the loss of third parties, not your own.

Third-party, fire, and theft  

This kind of cover will protect you more than the third party-only coverage, as it will include the same coverage of a third party but additionally, it will also cover your loss if your van gets damaged by fire or gets stolen.

Comprehensive Coverage

Fully comprehensive covers usually offer all the features of a third-party, fire, and theft policy, and you’ll be covered if you get into an accident and your van is damaged.

How MoneyMegaMarket Plays a Role?

It becomes a very easy task to compare catering van insurance quotes from thousands of top providers in the UK because online comparison sites just like MoneyMegaMarket will allow you to compare catering van insurance quotes from thousands of vendors at a single place without going to visit every single provider. And it will be also effective when you have every policy in front of you it will help you to make an informed comparison. We do not have any kind of favoritism for any vendor. We provide you a site to compare unbiased policies.

1. What does catering van insurance cover?

You can get all types of coverage for your catering van insurance as per your needs and budget. This means you can get cover for road accidents, stock, equipment, personal, and third-party damage as well as for any legal payments.

2. How much does catering van insurance usually cost?

The cost of a catering van insurance quote will depend upon multiple factors including:
Value or price of a catering van, your business criteria, your location, your driving record, and the level of coverage you choose.

3. Why is it necessary to compare catering van insurance quotes?
It is necessary to compare catering van insurance quotes before deciding on one because if you do not shop around you may not come to know about all the possible covers that you can get and you may miss a bundle or available quote that suits you the most.

4. Can I add more cover after getting catering van insurance quotes once?
Of course, if you are going to expand your business and services you can expand your insurance accordingly. Cost may vary according to new needs. , If you don’t have the right coverage according to your work and services, you may not be able to claim on your policy if something goes wrong.

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