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MoneyMegaMarket compares insurance and financial solutions and is eager to offer an exclusive benefit to you. Please see
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Benefits For Your Followers

If Your Follower Decides To Buy The Following Products Via Us We Will Offer A Amazon Gift Card To Your Follower In The Following Products:


Home Insurance


Bicycle Insurance


Car Insurance


Pet Insurance


Bike Insurance


Van Insurance

Additionally, we're thrilled to introduce an enticing cashback option in monetary terms for Mortgage products which will depend on the loan amount.

How this work


1. Please Visit

2. Select one of the products you are interested in as stated above and follow the process

3. Always remember in order to be entitled to a gift card or cash back you will need follow the process via our website and provide the correct reference numbers to our suppliers

4. Once complete then please fill in the following form with the correct details. If this form is not completed or the correct details are not provided you will not get your cash back or gift card

above applies to the follower

below applies to the influencer

Here's how the
partnership works

-Benefits For You

MoneyMegaMarket will offer you a commission in monetary terms if your follower purchases the following product:

Home Insurance – £2.50

Bicycle Insurance – £2.50

Car Insurance – £5.00

Pet Insurance – £2.50

Bike Insurance – £2.50

Van Insurance – £5.00

For the mortgage products, a percentage will be mutually decided on the total amount loaned. This serves as an additional revenue stream for you.

By offering exclusive financial and insurance benefits, your followers can enhance satisfaction and engagement, contributing to a positive culture.

This Partnership Is Designed To Be A in-Win Collaboration, Where ■ Your Followers Receive Valuable Financial Benefits, And You Can Enjoy Additional Revenue Streams And Enhanced Follower Engagement. We Believe This Opportunity Aligns With Our Collective Commitment To Offering Outstanding Follower Benefits.

1. Copy and paste this link
 into social media. Make Videos/Images or do lives by promoting which will gain income for you.

2. Complete the form below so we can pay your commission amount on a monthly basis.

How this work


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